Should i call 911?

– If i smell something burning inside a building, but i don’t see and fire or smoke? Can i just call the firehouse?

– Call 911 from outside, immediately evacuate the structure. Calling the firehouse will actually delay the proper response and due to our staffing, you may not get an answer at the phone number for the stations.

– If my smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarm is going off what should i do?

– Call 911 immediately and evacuate the structure. If its a carbon monoxide detector, make sure to advise 911 if anyone is feeling ill in the structure.

Emergency Responses:

– I do live in the fire district, but why did another fire department’s ambulance come to my house when i called 911?

– Sometimes all of our units are out on emergencies, so we rely on mutual aid from other departments to help when we are unavailable.  Mutual aid is a mutual agreement between communities to help each other when needed.  We receive mutual aid if all of our units are tied up or on large incidents and give mutual aid to other communities for the same reasons.

– Why, when I call 911, do they ask a lot of questions that I don’t think are important?

– The 911 operators try to get as much information about a situation as possible.  It may not seem important to you, but could actually be very important to us when we are responding.  It is important to follow the 911 operator’s instructions and answer all of their questions, which in turn will help them properly dispatch the call correctly and efficiently.

– Is there anything I can do to help Fire and EMS find my house in an emergency?

– Absolutely!! The use of the green, reflective 911 signs that can be purchased at hardware stores are invaluable when we are trying to locate your residence during an emergency. These signs are especially helpful at night. Please, always have your address prominently displayed on your house, irregardless of whether you use the reflective sign or not. Seconds do count sometimes!!